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Remote Home Energy Clearing and Protection

Everything that happens in a building is recorded in the walls, floors, furniture, and objects in the space. This builds up in layers, in much the same way grime does, except that we cannot see it, and it affects us in profound ways. Examples are you move into a home where the couple was happily married, it is likely you will too. On the other hand, if there was a divorce, unhappiness, bankruptcy, these energies will remain in the building and chances are history will repeat itself. My personal experience was a home we purchased in South Africa. The previous owners were unhappy, going through a divorce and bankruptcy. My husband and I found we had financial stress. We both worked full time but never had enough money to cover our bills and pay for food. He was working away most of the time, creating more stress while I was trying to raise three small children and working full time.

Had I known this was something I could have done I would have jumped on it.

While I clear the energy of the home, I will also protect the home and the land. Anchoring the property is also a part of this service.


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Meet Banu Halle


​Banu Halle is a Certified BTB (Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhism) Feng Shui Consultant. With her successful background as a Psychic Medium Reiki, Dragon Energy Healing and Akashic Records. She is able to integrate her expertise and creativity with the wisdom and time-proven method of the art of placement. Banu offers a unique combination of wholistic, empowering modalities, intrinsic wisdom, innate gifts, and hands-on experience that supports you, your children, your family, and the environment you live in. In-person consultations currently available in Cochrane/Calgary and surrounding areas. Virtual consultations are also available. Connect with Banu for your Feng Shui assessment.

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